About Simple Truth

Simple Truth Theatre was created by Richard Beaune in Toronto in 1992, to pursue the philosophy of “clarity through simplicity”.

This philosophy attempts to remove any barriers between the actor and the audience to enable the most immediate communication. This is theatre that places the greatest consideration on the art of acting. Every other artist, from the director to designers to stage management, even the playwright, serves the audience through the actor. If a set piece is beautiful, but impedes the actor’s movement, it is removed. In this way, we hope to bring the audience into the most immediate experience possible.

Inspired by Grotowski’s Poor Theatre and Brook’s Empty Space, Simple Truth Theatre began as a clear and simple approach to text and narrative. Through the years, experiments with physical theatre have brought us to the place where the mind and body meet. Text work is infused with physical exploration and character psychology is discovered through playful rehearsal.

Simple Truth Theatre will continue to expand its repertoire, and offer its ensemble of actors ongoing opportunities to develop, by focusing on the core philosophy of “clarity through simplicity”. This places the greatest responsibility for communicating each production’s convictions into the hands of the actors on the stage. We help actors to expand their personal scope as we present theatre, which is accessible and challenging, and above all entertaining.

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