Canada Jacks

canadajackslogoOne American’s search for the Canadian Grail ends in a bar. Sour Mash or Rye Whisky, Niagara or California Wine. Comparisons are unavoidable, but deciding which is better isn’t what Jack wants to do. He pours the drinks in a Canadian theme bar. A place for Canadians to get a taste of home while south of the border and for Americans to gain a deeper appreciation of their northern “neighbors” and a way of life for Jack himself.

Facing the imminent closure of his business and the destruction of his chosen career, Jack is forced to reconcile his love for Canada and his desire to continue exploring that attraction with the loss of his establishment. Along the way he entertains the patrons with impersonations of some of the regulars and other memorable people. Jack always sees the benefits of a Canadian perspective. With every breath he encourages us to support and learn from each other.

Belly up to the bar and learn about Canada from a man who loves her.

Can an American really fall in love with Canada? Can that “great unknown” on the other side of the border really seduce a true patriotic American heart with nothing more than its people, culture, history and beauty?

American lawyer Lee Larson claims to be the victim of just such a seduction. An impressionable youth raised in Detroit in the 1960s, Larson was enchanted by the unabashed presence of the CBC, and the distinctly Canadian flavour of the radio stations in Windsor. From his first journey across the border he has loved, pined for and embraced Canada. In honour of his life long love affair with Canada Lee Larson wrote “The Province of Calgary” a wonderful collection of stories, anecdotes and observations of Canada from a uniquely American perspective.

The book found its way into the hands of Simple Truth Theatre’s Artistic Director, Richard Beaune who immediately saw the threads of an important theatrical opportunity. In this time of strained Canada/US relations the message of mutual respect and admiration that is woven throughout Larsen’s writing was one that he felt needed to be brought to the stage. Larsen agreed and granted Simple Truth Theatre permission to adapt the collection into a one-man show.

Review Excerpt:
Canada Jacks was reviewed in the Brampton Guardian.
“At heart, Canada Jacks is about learning who we are and how we connect with Americans. There are many hilarious moments, but even more that are thought-provoking. One of the lingering ideas is the need for people of both countries to listen to each other with an open mind in order to foster greater understanding between these two great nations.

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